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One of the first UK Esports grassroots organisations that focus on providing diverse inclusive & non toxic environments for players, teams and content creators to hone their skills and develop experience in the esports industry

Read on to find out more about us and the incredible team we have.

Marble Surface

Our Story

Vulpine began in April 2020 with a dream and a vision. To change the way esports  encouraged and invited anyone who wanted to share the passion and excitement a career in esports could offer.

We decided to extend the opportunities to under represented groups such as women and LGBTQ+ to show that what mattered was skill, team work, communication and adaptability not identity.

Our links and support network in constantly growing as what we provide and continue to show is that being competitive does not mean being toxic. The links and connections we have continue to evolve, as more grassroots organisations care seeing that positivity, good mental & physical health strategies and support is not impossible.

We also work with education providers to offer advice and support for events, and in 2021 will be running our own major events in Apex Legends & Overwatch

There is plenty more to be done to raise both the profile of esports and our role as a diverse inclusive welcoming organisation for both esports and content creation will continue to grow

Marble Surface

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