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Hi! I'm a caster and coach for shooters, as well as the creator of Agave esports and a student of sports management at Texas A&M

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Sam Donovan He/Him

By day and evening Sam is a music therapist using his passion and joy of music to help heal and bring life to the people around him. But where there's spare time in the schedule he is a caster for anything he can talk words about - but primarily, Overwatch. Sam has been a Color caster for the Console Gaming League for three years and occasional casts for other small console leagues, tournaments, and games for his own projects including Hades, Splatoon and many others. He can frequently be found on Twitch saying words at games and offering to use his voice and talents for anything that comes his way.

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Simbabble graduated with a bachelors in Acting in 2018, and since went on to travel the world, with touring musicals and shows. Now, back in the UK, he has set his, sights on his passion for gaming and casting!

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